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DJ Groovecellar was born in 1981 in Zurich.
The musical journey began already in 1993 by playing the piano.
Apart from that, he was every now and then responsible for
dropping some matching beats on various smaller parties.

What started at the age of 12, got much more professional
by buying two Technics turntables in 2001.

DJ Groovecellar held his first few performances on private
events and parties, from where he got more and more requests
and bookings from satisfied and happy party people. By now,
he has had several different bookings in many well-known clubs
and various other events/parties and always left an excited audience!

The musical style goes from Jazz, Funk, Trip hop, Big beats over
to Electro and Drum & Base. To keep an exciting crowd,
DJ Groovecellar never misses the chance to include some of his own
produced music (predominantly Mash up’s) aside from playing music
by other artists.

Club Hiltl, Zürich (CH)
Besame Mucho, Zürich (CH)
Abart, Zürich (CH)
Foodplanet, Zürich (CH)
Down Mexico Way, Zürich (CH)
Blue Monkey, Zürich (CH)
Redbull DJ BUS, Zürich (CH)
Club Mehrspur, Zürich (CH)
Salzhaus, Winterthur (CH)
Kraftfeld, Winterthur (CH)
Gaswerk, Winterthur (CH)
Sharp 11, Pfäffikon (CH)
Groovin, Dietlikon (CH)
Waldpartys, Dietlikon (CH)
Villa Palatina, Davos (CH)
Kaffee burger, Berlin (D)

and many others....

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